Research Management Model, I+D+i Model of UNAN Managua


  • Pedro Alberto Aburto Jarquín UNAN-MANAGUA


We have realized that UNAN practices research, innovation and entrepreneurship  done, but in isolation, without strategic planning; it has been the result of individual initiatives rather than institutional, we have realized that there are no indicators that qualify and / or quantify these actions, and  until last year we did not have a financial background to manage these variables to implement. We have not enhanced the strengths we have as an institution, we have not taken advantage of the relations between the university and the state research sector, as the INTA, MAGFOR, MARENA, MINSA, Energy and Mines, as happened to us with the business sector (Private Sector) We have not taken the Internationalization for effects of globalization. I think that these weaknesses have given way to this conceptual model proposed by Pedroza, whose strategy I join to advance the Quality, advance conceive it as a system for advancing inter, multi and transdisciplinary practice and above all: WITH SOCIAL IMPACT AND WITH A HUMAN FACE.


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